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5 Horrible Truths No Web Agencies Will Tell You!

We at Lec Marketing are very bold and transparent and we have decided to tell you the truth. These truths are not to deter you from having a website, it is to make you ask the right questions, but also filter out all of the Bull%$# you are being made to believe.

Truth #1

You cannot get a monthly subscription website without strings attached. FACT you are a small business owner and yes having a massive budget for a website is not always possible. So you shop around and here is a company offering you a website design and hosting at only R300 per month. Oh my WORD this is the best luck ever. No it is not. It’s a trap.

There is no such thing as a monthly subscription website. Think about it. You have a monthly subscription with Mweb to enjoy DSTV for a month. If you have a subscription website you never really own it. It just means that you are renting the website. Think of it as a rent to buy, because here is the next devastating surprize. When and if you decide after 12 months you have already paid R3 600 in total for this website, maybe you will move it over to your own hosting. NO. You are mistaken my friend. You will have to go and read the fine print on this subscription, if you want to own this website and move it away you will be charged a lump sum of say anything from R5 000 – R10 000.

You may as well have paid once off for a website and owned it from the start. Come now , you didn’t really think that they make money from subscriptions did you. Sorry to be the bearer of the news but this is business and everyone is in it for themselves. We on the other hand are not, yes we are honest we run a business so we have to make money but at the same time, we do not ride your money train and extort you until you are out of pocket.

Truth #2

EXTORTIONATE PRICES are not necessary and will NOT mean that your website will convert visitors into paying customers. Again, no , just empty promises and broken dreams.

You are a business owner, you are skilled in your area of expertise and would trust a web designer to advise you and guide you into the right direction. Right? That is what we all expect. If I go to Checkers and ask for the best milk, Checkers will give me options and tell me what is the best and why. Checkers has no hidden agenda on making the most and just give you the most expensive milk.

Why do web design agencies do this to you? They quote you R25 000 on a simple online store. You want to get your product out there and start making money so that you can grow your business. The goal here is to get online as soon as possible and then you are told that you will wait for 3 months.

Here is why.

The agency is making the big bucks and they have a bunch of designers all working on these websites. They have to pay their developers. Whopping salaries may I add, so instead of charging you realistic prices they overcharge and only try to get the big fish through the door. But what about the smaller business who also needs to make a living, or the baker next door who wants to sell her products online?

That baker doesn’t have R25 000 to purchase an online store. The truth of the matter is that the website itself can be done within 10 business days with the right content and can be as affordable as R6990. It is not rocket science and as  SMME’s we all deserve to be on the market. Example: adding a social media link to a website takes less than 2 minutes. FACT. However let’s also not be unreasonable, paying R2000 for an online store is not worth it. You will see a template being used. Bulky ugly design and the focus of the website will not be thought out. Which will be a waste of time and money. Which brings us to our next Truth.

Truth #3

Just because you have a website, does not and will never mean that it is designed for conversion. When a website agency asks you for content, they slap it on as is and will not think of your business. You are paying these guys to get to know your business and your prospective client.  Believe us when we tell you there are very few web designers who actually zone in on you as a business and strategically plans the execution of the website.

You need someone who will challenge your content. Pay attention to the content and tell you that your content needs to be geared towards converting the client. FACT: if your client does not know what you do within 3 seconds of landing on your website, they WILL leave. If you were running Google Ads to get that client to the website, well that little factor just cost you money. Now your ROI in Google Ads are being wasted, because the website is not clear to your visitor.

Here is what your viewer wants, and trust us, we have studied this intensively.

The viewer wants to immediately see what you do. They want a clear path that has been laid out for them to follow.

Websites are psychological, you want your website to produce dopamine in the client’s brain. For those who don’t know what dopamine is , this is the happy hormone that the brain produces when they like what they are seeing or experiencing. The immediate thing that will produce this dopamine is immediately seeing that you offer what they want.

The viewer wants to know, how do I get hold of this business, thus clickable numbers on the website in clear sight at all times.

The viewer wants to trust you, so you need to showcase why you can be trusted. For example we at Lec Marketing  we have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Your viewer wants you to take them on a journey where they can dream of how your service will help them with things they worry about and address pain points in their life. Your website is not designed for you, your website is designed for your customer.

This website should convert your customer into a believer and you need to be ready to take that call, because they will call.

If a website design agency is worth their salt, they will tell you this. So do yourself a favour next time you speak to an agency, ask them how their design and layout will help you convert to customer.

Truth #4

Your website will not automatically rank or show up on Google once designed. Agencies will tell you yes sure, let’s get you online. As said before you have your expertise and you expect transparency but the ugly truth is that nobody will ever care more about your business than you do. After all this is the food on your table. Getting calls from your website is what you want. And rightfully so. However if you find someone who wants to design you a website, what is their plan for your business? If they have an actual roadmap on how to get there, they are your guys. But if they don’t talk to you about these hard truths, it is time to ask if you are speaking to the right people.

The truth is that when you design a website and launch it. Google has to first index it. This is too high tech, so let us make it easier to understand. Google has to go through your website to understand what you do and how to place your website on Google. For this to actually work you need CONTENT that speaks to your business and speaks to Google. Google can take up to 14 days to Index the website and even then you will not rank on the first page. We are talking about billions of websites on Google. Google ranks according to age of the site, the content of the site, the correct design principles and the speed of the site.

Ranking is not immediately and there is some work to be done for this website to be great and get traffic but NO you do not need to spend thousands right now.

Here is some FREE advice:

  1. Design your website
  2. Create a Google My Business Listing – you will get sent an auth code from Google which you will input into your listing to authenticate your business.
  3. Create social platforms.
  4. Actively write blogs
  5. Make sure you have FAQ’s on your site.
  6. Ask your designer to manually Index your website

Google is like a cool kids club. If other spaces say you are cool. You will be deemed cool. So the more you interact and create profiles for your business you will start being seen by Google. These are small and FREE things that you can do to boost your website.

Once you get some traction you will make some money and then start putting some budget aside for serious marketing tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


Facebook marketing is cheaper than Google Ads and products sell like sweetcakes. Facebook is a Goldmine. We have literally seen customers sell products to a revenue of R120 000 on Facebook.

Truth #5

We don’t want to mention names, so let’s call it THE LIE OF THE FREE WEBSITE BUILDER. Come on guys, there has to be something in it for these website builder companies. Nothing in life is free why would this be free. Here is how they do it.

Yes sure you register your domain, but the domain says www.business.buildersite.co.za Of course you want the domain to only have your own domain name, you don’t want to promote the website builder. And sooooooo…..here it comes. PLEASE PAY $30 to remove the buildersite on your domain. Fine, you pay the $30 – R430. You could have just purchased a domain at R89 and host it.

You struggle with this builder. Believe me when I tell you this is not easy. The videos make it look incredible. But we just call it what it is. Bull$%^.

You might want to add things like functions you know. Things you would normally see on a website.

  1. Shopping portal
  2. Call buttons
  3. Logo
  4. And more

Knock knock, who’s there? Pay up.

By the end up this journey you are going to sit with a half baked website, time wasted which in business value means money and you have spent more than you would have if you had just gone with a designer, finally you decide to just ask a web designer. Double trouble because now you pay again.

These builders are there to make money. When someone says FREE , you need to ask questions.

Our final note to you. You want to focus on growing your business and you don’t want to be interrupted by these types of things, watch out for them. Make sure you ask your web designer about these things and if a consultant cannot give you quantitated data, RUN.

We have an expert on our team and he is always available to talk to you about your dreams, goals and he aims to make your business what you want it to be.

If you would like a consultation with him or checkout our packages. Click here.

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