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Business Plans

What you can expect from a Business Plan:

A good business plan provides you with insight and milestones for your whole business. From vision and mission through to strategy, there is a connection that talks to your current and future ventures, the team, and levels of management you want to drive the business and the financial resources you require to make this happen, including the anticipated sales you wish to bring about in your chosen target market.

The business plan helps you set priorities and lays out a fundamental frame for asking for tendering, funding or requiring investment. With these items in mind the business plan serves as a tool to track changes and to keep allocating time, effort, and resources strategically and accountably. From this a realistic set of performance indicators will emerge

To  allow us to develop a business plan, we would need to understand your organisation, its people and management, marketing and operations, sales (advertising brochures), industry studies, blueprints, financial statements,  detailed list of equipment and other documentation that will be required as the process unfolds.

Dr. D. Coetzee

Dr. D. Coetzee

Your business plan will be developed by Dr. D.Coetzee (B.Sc, MBL, DBL) with extensive business experience.

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