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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Era of the mobile users.

A mobile application also known as an app, web app , online app, iphone app or smartphone app.

Smartphones have become a main tool for our everyday use from waking up from a morning alarm, checking the news or funny videos on facebook and instagram, listening to music or watching a youtube video tutorial. All of these apps run independently on a main operating platform bringing our smartphones to life and making our daily life fun and exciting.

What is a mobile app?
A mobile application, also referred to as mobile apps or simply just an app , is an application software that is designed to run on a mobile device such as smartphones, tablet or even a watch.
Mobile apps are here to serve you similar services to those accessed on a Desktop Computer or Laptop, some apps are small with limited functions but that doesn’t stop you to hand-pick what your device is able to do.

You get two types of apps: Nattive apps and Web apps.
A native app is built for a specific mobile operating system like IOS or Android.Native apps is a more finer tuned user interface(UI), and normanly need to pass a much stricker development and quality assurance process before they are released before using.

Web apps need a stable connection to be used because the user is redirected on a specific web page and all the information is saved on a server-based database.Web apps are used in a HTML5 OR CSS format and requires minimum device memory since they’re run through a browser.

Types of apps currently available now.

Productivity apps; Main focus is to improve business efficiency by easing various tasks such as sending emails, task managers(tracking work progresses) booking flights and hotels.

Lifestyle; also known as entertaining apps, for socializing such as dating, communication(social media platforms) and for sharing and watching videos. Facebook,Instagram,Youtube,and Tinder fall into this category.

Gaming apps; Identical to computer video games.Gaming apps are one of the most popular downloading types of apps in the world.

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Masood Latib

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