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You have been wanting to get onto Google and get your business out there but it can be very costly.
You also ask yourself is it worth it?
We are here to tell you yes, it is possible at a good price and absolutely worth it.

We design websites that do the heavy lifting for you!
Our web designs best showcase your products and services to your potential clients.
With our passion for conversion, your website will drive more traffic towards your goals.

Our website comes with no strings attached or hidden costs, we do the job and then the site is handed over to you. You might be wondering if you should take a subscription based website instead. Our key to business is transparency and so we will be honest with you. By signing a subscription contract for a website you will most likely be paying another lump sum when you want to move your website away from the subscription company. We must ask. Why would you pay for a site twice?

With a once off website you will still get support from us after the fact and the website remains yours.


You can start off with a Starter website at R990 once off.

This website is a standard 5 page site with all of your basic needs.

For something a bit more luxurious and bigger you may want to opt for an intermediate site. The intermediate site sports more pages than a starter, has more functionality like your whatsapp chat and can take up to 20 gallery images.

The deluxe which in our terms is a premium site. Like our site below for Almec manufacturing this is the creme de la creme of websites. Up to 25 pages of graphic design and special functionalities.

E-commerce – In other words online stores are quite expensive out there however at Lec Marketing we offer the same shopping cart experience, high quality and customer satisfaction.

Some clients have special needs so if the above options do not relate to you, tell us what your needs are and we will recommend the best option for you or even tailor make a quote for you.

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